Photovoltaic Inverters

True Hybrid Inverters

True Hybrid inverters perform the combined function of Grid Tied Inverters and Off Grid Inverters.

They are ideal for conditions where power outages (power cuts) are common. These hybrid inverters are advanced technology products.

Off Grid Inverters

Simlife Electric presents SKAN series of Off Grid Inverters from 300 VA to 12 kVA power level.

Based on the SKU, SKAN series inverters have excellent transfer time, high surge current handling capability and very low THD. All SKUs can accept PV input with highly efficient MPPT algorithm. These are suitable for Residential and Commercial Establishments.

Grid Tied Inverters

Simlife Electric presents SKAN GTI series of Grid Tied (String) inverters from 1 kW to 5 kW power level. SKAN GTI series inverters come with highly advanced dual processor, dual sensing and dual relay architecture to provide additional reliability. These are suitable for roof top residential and commercial installations. The product is ready for IEC certification